Christian Health Ebook Bundle

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Christian Health Ebook Bundle contains the following ebooks:

* How to Fight for your Health with Bible Verses 

This Christian spiritual warfare ebook also contains:

* Bible verses to say as spiritual warfare prayers for health

* Bible verses to declare as Christian affirmations for healing

* Bible verses to ponder as Christian meditations for healing

* Spiritual interventions to wage effective spiritual warfare against disease

* Mental interventions to overcome ill-health

* Physical interventions to overcome disease 

* Christian Spiritual Warfare War Room Worksheet 

This worksheet outlines the activities you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that you can fight for your health effectively.

* Health and Healing Bible Reading Plan 

This Bible Reading Plan is a compilation of the healing miracles in the old testament and new testament of the Bible which will help you have effective healing Bible study sessions.

* My Health Printable Prayer Journal 

This printable prayer journal will help you have a more effective prayer time when praying for your health.

* Healing Bible Verses Art 

This document contains healing Scripture artwork that you can print out to hang on the walls of your prayer room for quick reference when praying, meditating or saying your Christian affirmations.

* Christian Emotional Healing Ebook 

This Christian self help ebook uses principles and examples from the Bible to teach you how to treat symptoms of emotional ill-health that include worry, underachievement, substance abuse, sleeping problems, shame and self-hatred, powerlessness and weakness, passivity and laziness, low self-esteem, loneliness, lack of peace of mind, inability to trust ,hopelessness, guilt and condemnation, feeling defeated and trapped, fear, envy and jealousy, discouragement, depression, confusion, bitterness, anxiety, anger and aggression.  

* Christian Stress Management ECourse 

This Christian Ecourse teaches you how to manage stress effectively by combining time tested Biblical principles with medically proven relaxation techniques. 

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Christian Health Ebook Bundle

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